Pencils down. Our hands-on approach to team-building goes beyond note taking.

Be the designer of your ideal life. Positioning you to achieve greater success

Associates' heads in the clouds? We illuminate everyone's ideas and contributions.

We see the forest for the trees. Let's get your organization on the same page.

Ready to take action? We are your partner!!


Fabulous!! Congratulations! The first step in achieving the business of your dreams

is to consider what you really want, and seeking support in achieving your goals.

Gaining clarity, experiencing energy to propel you forward, and achieving success

is our goal for you and the purpose behind AILIM Global Consulting.


Our Goal is Growing Business and Growing Lives 


Supporting you at the individual, team and organizational level in achieving success is the goal of our business.

We work with you at the individual level to discover your potential and support you in taking action toward your professional and personal career goals.

Working with teams to bring greater cohesion, vision, and action using an appreciative approach to leverage strengths in your organization is our specialty.

Providing business leaders with information to support them in making important decisions regarding hiring, developing and succession planning, can bring your organization lower turnover costs, higher profits, and higher employee engagement levels.

Blending  knowledge and experience together we can support you in designing and achieving the business and life you have always desired!


Our #1 priority is YOU and your success!


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